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bookMaureen Cochram and Clare Eacott share their experiences and innermost thoughts as they move on from their professional careers into retirement.

This is their story about the emergence of a friendship and a journey shared. As they free themselves from years of routine, habits, and other people’s expectations, they discover the boundless possibilities of life after work.

Retirement becomes the catalyst and the vehicle for some profound thinking about the meaning and purpose of life and how to gain fulfillment beyond career.

Written with intimate and honest insights, The Drive Home is a candid account of their parallel and different journeys.

As they come to terms with the life they left behind and the life they truly desire, they engage in a rare exchange of letters, emails, and personal journal entries over three years.

They rediscover with creativity and joy, life on their own terms.

This is not just a book about retirement. It is an intimate reflection of the experience of change and the choices we make at any stage of our lives.